Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Eagle Colorado Adoption/Foster Home Needs a Vehicle

Our mission is to help hurting people and animals and provide opportunities for volunteers to do the same while using their gifts and talents to live a life of impact and purpose. We offer a safe place for all to be a part of a family that cares and is making a difference.
We've added fostering and adopting children to our outreach efforts. We are a safe place for little hearts to heal! When Paul and Diane found out that there are approx. 6,800 foster children in Colorado and 550 needing adoption AND that there was not a Foster Home available in Eagle County they immediately made plans to get re-certified, ready to open their hearts and home.  
Duties and Responsibilities  There are nearly half a million young people living in foster care in America. The goal is to return the children to their homes but when that is not possible they need long term care and/or adoption. 
It's been an intense process but the Dikes are ready. Duties include: parental guidance, upkeep of CPR + First Aid training, Love & Logic training, they've passed several background checks, have a bed and dresser for every child; they are prepared for: face to face time with birth parents, addressing medical and dental needs, transportation to and from activities, school, medical or therapeutic appointments, participation in treatment decisions, creating clear and consistent behavioral boundaries, providing financial, emotional and educational support, providing meals, clothing... and a stable, consistent, culturally sensitive and nurturing home environment. 
Outreach Wish List
* 3 Twin Mattresses 
* 4+ Twin Sheet Sets/Comforters
* Clothing (Slippers, Shoes, Undies, Socks) all sizes  
* Face Cloths, Shampoo, Tissue, Toothpaste, Toothbrushes...
* Boxes of SNACKS
* Doorway Rugs/Mats
* Bean Bag Chairs
* Small Veggie Chopper
* Backpacks - School Supplies
* Lap-Top Computer
* Lg. Flat Screen TV for Family movie night
* Tents-Camping Stuff
* A Whiteboard 
* A Fire & Carbon Dioxide Alarm
* Gift Cards or Monthly Donors
* Patio Furniture 
* Surge Protector Multi-Plug & Safety Outlet Plugs
* Christmas Stuff - Dress Up Costumes
* Twister, Bibles, Christian/Educational videos/books
* Musical Instruments
* Big Wheels-outside bikes, chalk, balls, toys 
* Discovery Swing Set (backyard)  
*** Vehicle - to fit 8 or more, wheelchair room, (Minivan, SUV, Van ~ type) ...  
Help collecting used or new items is appreciated!! (This list updated 5-04-12)
Every child will have a Love Kit, Blanket and Bear
waiting to welcome them home!

Mail items to: 
PO 673 
Eagle, CO 81631 
or drop off at Eagle Headquarters ANYTIME! 
Tax donation receipt form:

THANK YOU! If you are interested in being a part of the team, please contact:

Stay Strong & Courageous!
Your SCwSG Volunteer Team

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"Now glory be to God! By his mighty power at work within us, he is able to accomplish infinitely more than we would ever dare to ask or hope." -Eph. 3:20


Jo Ellen said...

I have some dress up dresses for little girls. Will check the sizes. Do you still need???? Jo Ellen

Unknown said...

U betcha Jo Ellen! We are waiting to hear back on two sibling groups of 6 child that want to stay together... The waiting is so HARD!! But I'm trusting in you know WHO!! :D Thank you!! We are collecting things in all sizes because even after we adopt we still plan to foster children in need for short term or long term as needed! I've collected a variety of all sizes trying to be ready for any and ALL situations!
Def. need more undies, socks and a vehicle... teee heee