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Our Foster/Adoption Home Story - May is Foster Care Awareness Month!

Adoption means you grew in your mommy’s heart instead of her tummy. –Author unknown 
To be "mother" to someone who needs me means more now than ever. On February 18, 2010, my mother passed away and I realized how much I'd lost. My Father went to meet my Mother after a 15 year battle with Parkinson's disease on June 12, 2013As I review memories one thing rings true, they loved me

Two days after Mom died my best friend Jan died and as I mourned,
 I began to think more intensely about children who are orphaned, need to be adopted or need foster care. Although I have no children of my own, I've never let that stop me from helping as many as possible. During more than twelve years as a professor and school teacher, teaching all grades and subjects to regular and special ed students which included severely disabled, blind, deaf, autistic, down syndrome, cocaine babies, severally abused, juvenile delinquents, while coaching swimming and track offered me many momentous experiences. 

Today, I continue reaching out with hope and encouragement through our book's, speaking events, singing, and leading an amazing team of international volunteers through our nonprofit, Second Chance with Saving Grace-helping hurting people and animals. I've babysat since I was eleven and earned a Ph.D. in Human Services and Counseling Psychology while growing through difficult times that included chronic illness, divorce and almost having my legs amputated. These experiences continue to motivate me to try to help as many people as possible and to have a significant and lasting relationship with children.

I spoke to Paul about my consistent desire to provide a safe place for broken children to heal through foster care and adoption, in November of 2010. Paul gave a long list of why this wasn’t a good idea. Most of the reasons were based on fear: fear that I wasn’t healthy enough; fear of the financial burden; and most significantly, fear of the lifestyle changes required to be a parent. I wasn’t deterred and did what I always do when confronted with the unknown: I prayed.

One day Paul came home and said, “Okay, go for it! I can see it will be more harmful to you not to try than any of my reasons why we shouldn’t.” He’d talked to friends and it was obvious that God had worked on his heart. He was now excited to share his love of the outdoors with hurting kids. 

We found out that there wasn't a foster home available in our county and neighboring counties so we began our certification process immediately. Since April 2011, we've been officially offering a safe place for broken hearts to heal in our home. It has been time-intensive, costly and emotion-filled.
Our faith is keeping us strong, courageous and able to work through the ups and downs that family life brings. Our home is bursting with healthy family memories, working through consequences and overcoming challenges while offering hope, joy, and love. 

One day when I’m gone, my children, those I foster for a while or those we give forever homes, will know THEIR Mom loved them, and they will be sure to pass that transforming love on.
As of today, we've had over 15 foster children, we've adopted 4 and have guardianship of 2.  We've had the middle of the night children and one who came covered in blood. We are SO thankful for your help collecting items for all ages, hobbies, and backgrounds.

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers! 

Life is a roller coaster and we are riding it with arms stretched high! -Diane Dike, Ph.D.
Every child has a Love Kit, Blanket and Bear
waiting to welcome them home!

Drop off donations at the Eagle Headquarters ANYTIME. 
or Mail items/donations to: 
SCwSG/Diane Dike 
PO 673 
Eagle, CO 81631 

Our SCwSG mission is to help hurting people and animals and provide opportunities for volunteers to do the same while using their gifts and talents to live a life of impact and purpose. All with a heart to help are welcome. We offer a safe place for everyone to be a part of a family that cares and is making a difference.

Our foster/adoption Home We are a safe place for little hearts to heal! When Paul and Diane found out that there are approx. 6,800 foster children in Colorado and 550 needing adoption AND that there was not a Foster Home available in their County they immediately made plans to get re-certified, ready to open their hearts and home.   

Duties and Responsibilities  There are nearly half a million young people living in foster care in America. The goal is to return the children to their homes but when that is not possible they need long-term care and/or adoption. It's been an intense process. Duties include: parental guidance/support, face to face with CASA volunteers, social workers and guardian's, upkeep of CPR + First Aid training, daily journals, Love & Logic training, they've passed several background checks, have a bed and dresser for every child; they are prepared for: face to face time with birth parents, addressing medical and dental needs, transportation to and from activities, school, medical or therapeutic appointments, participation in treatment decisions, creating clear and consistent behavioral boundaries, providing financial, emotional and educational support, providing meals, clothing... and a stable, consistent, culturally sensitive and nurturing home environment.  Wow!

Outreach Wish List Ages we have at this time 
* Gift Cards or Monthly Donors/Mentor Buddies

* Bibles, Christian/Educational videos/books/games
* Musical Instruments
* Bike locks
*** Vehicle - (Minivan) ... so we can take care of more children.  
Help to collect used or new items is appreciated!! (This list updated 10-29-17)
SCwSG celebrates National Foster Care and Adoption Month by raising awareness of the needs of children and youth served by the foster care system. Feel free to share our Foster Care story by linking to this page from your social sites. We can all celebrate and honor foster families who open their homes and hearts to children in need while also reflecting on the resilience of the more than 2 million foster care alumni living in our country today.
Stay Strong & Courageous!
Paul, Gracie, Diane & the SCwSG Volunteer Family
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Paul and Diane appeared on "Mystery Diagnosis" TV "The Woman Whose Legs Turned Black" Oprah's OWN and Discovery Health 


Introduction to Diane's Second Chance with Saving Grace Outreach

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