Friday, March 9, 2012

Why we want to adopt and provide foster care. By Dr. Diane Dike

Adoption means you grew in your mommy’s heart instead of her tummy. –Author unknown 

To be "mother" to someone who needs me means more now than ever. On February 18, 2010, my mother passed away and I realized how much I 'd lost. As I review memories one thing rings true, she loved me. 

Although I have no children of my own, I've never let that stop me from helping as many as possible especially during my twelve years of teaching severely disabled, 
juvenile delinquents, special and physical education, and coaching sports. I continue reaching out with hope and encouragement through our book's, speaking events, singing, leading our team of international volunteers through our nonprofit, Second Chance with Saving Grace that helps hurting people and animals. I've babysat since I was eleven and earned a Ph.D. in Human Services and Counseling Psychology while growing through difficult times that included chronic illness, divorce and almost having my legs amputated. These experiences continue to motivate me to have a significant and lasting relationship with children.

My husband, Paul, and I were certified to be foster parents 11 years ago, but with moving, travel plans, and life commitments, the timing didn’t line up. I spoke to Paul about my remaining desire to provide a safe place for broken children to heal and about adopting if the opportunity arose in November of 2010. Paul gave a long list about why this wasn’t a good idea. Most of the reasons were based on fear: fear that I wasn’t healthy enough; fear of the financial burden; and most significantly, fear of the lifestyle changes required to be a parent. I wasn’t deterred and did what I always do when confronted with the unknown: I prayed.

One day Paul came home and said, “Okay, go for it! I can see it will be more harmful for you not to try than any of my reasons why we shouldn’t.” He’d talked to friends and it was obvious that God had worked on his heart. He was now excited to share his love of the outdoors with hurting kids. 

The process has been time-intensive, costly and emotion-filled, but we are ready. 
Our faith will keep us strong, courageous and able to work through the ups and downs. Our hearts and loving arms are open to a home bursting with healthy family memories that will offer a lifetime of faith, hope, joy and love. And one day when I’m gone, my children will know THEIR Mom loved them, and they will be sure to pass that love on.

Every child will have a Love Kit, Blanket and Bear
waiting to welcome them home!

Drop off donations at the Eagle Headquarters ANYTIME. 
Mail items to: 
PO 673 
Eagle, CO 81631 

THANK YOU! We have many items on our wish list. Most importantly, we hope to find a Vehicle - to fit 8 or more, (Minivan, SUV, Van ~ type) ...  Help collecting used or new items is appreciated!!

Stay Strong & Courageous!
Paul, Gracie, Diane & the SCwSG Volunteer Team

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Unknown said...

Thank you for all the private heartfelt words of encouragement.
A common question I've been asked is: Can people with the blood disease, Cryogolobulinemia Vasculitis have children?
For woman:
I don't know of anyone who had children AFTER diagnosis but I was told we can have complications during pregnancy and are at high risk.

I had a full hysterectomy shortly after Paul and I got married from endometriosis and constant blood problems. It helped some.

For men:
I've not heard of any studies but it is an interesting question.

Anonymous said...

I too was told by my Dr. it can be dangerous to us and the unborn child. I was blessed enough to have two boys before I developed my cryo. You are so wonderful and giving Diane. I hope God blesses you in every way possible!

Unknown said...

Dear Anonymous!

Yes I was told the same thing after I was diagnosed with Cryo! It's heartbreaking but I'm SO thankful that you were able to have two wonderful boys!!

I appreciate your prayers, blessings and KIND words!! I can't wait to see what the Lord does next on this interesting journey called LIFE!

Stay Strong and COURAGEOUS!!!
Diane xo

Anonymous said...

I recently saw your story on The Reel. Although it was a long time ago, do you still suffer from it? I saw where the cold is the enemy, yet you live in Colorado. How were you able to cope? I cannot imagine not knowing what is wrong and being at the mercy of the medical guessing game. Adoption is just wonderful, I have 2 of my own with my husband. How many children do you and your husband have? I know there are so many questions but, it's soooo amazing you have done so much with all the obstacles thrown in your path. God bless you always. Oh, lastly is there an organization that accepts donations?