Thursday, August 31, 2017

#Cryoglobulinemia - Day 1 - Awareness Month 2017

Day 1- September is Cryoglobulinemia Awareness Month. 

This year I will try to write a short personal blog daily on living with Cryoglobulinemia. The Goal: to increase understanding, awareness, and compassion for those suffering from Cryo and the ones who love and support us.

I was 15 when symptoms of the disease began. After many sleepless nights, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, sinusitis, hyperglycemia and gastrointestinal issues but as I think back, it was the Florida "cold" by way of outside heat and then air conditioned buildings that really got me aching.

Horrendous symptoms prevailed and by the age of 23 my legs went black. They were almost amputated. At 26, a specific blood test revealed the diagnosis of Cryoglobulinemia. 

Years with no sleep, complicated and confusing medical issues and my failing marriage sent me on a downward spiral that caused me to fall apart by the age of 27. Some of the worst years of my life taught me much.

Against all odds, I've made it to 50 years of age. 

Ice Cream Headaches
Have you ever gotten an ice cream headache? Can you imagine having that kind of ache in your entire body for one hour?  For 24 hours?  ...What about 30+ years?

The deep pain and ache settles into your bones and every muscle fiber... you stretch, use hot packs but nothing helps.  

It's Cryoglobulinemia Awareness Month.

My name is Dr. Diane Dike. This is some of my cryo story.

Author: Diane Dike, Ph.D., founder of Second Chance with Saving Grace, Inc., an international nonprofit organization dedicated to providing hope and help to those in need.

She is the author of The Adventures of Gracie and Diane book series for children and animal lovers of all ages. All proceeds from the sale of The Adventures of Gracie and Diane book series and Gracie merchandise go to support the outreach work of Second Chance with Saving Grace, Inc., whose mission is to encourage individuals of all ages to overcome even the most daunting of life’s challenges with God’s help.

A gifted teacher, singer, mother and speaker, Diane lives in the Vail Valley of Colorado with her husband Paul, fourteen-year-old service dog Gracie and SIX adopted children and foster children as they need her.

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