Monday, September 4, 2017

God Made Only One of Me by Diane Dike, Ph.D.

Contact: Second Chance with Saving Grace
P.O. Box 673, Eagle, CO 81631

Inspiring autobiography tells the story of how one woman’s journey
took her far away from God and how she found her way back into his loving arms with a smile, a service dog named Gracie, and a second chance.

Sooner or later, we all need a second chance. When it doesn’t materialize, the consequences can be tragic. Yet something as simple as blatant honesty from someone who reaches out to help and who shares her own story of overcoming acute challenges can provide the incentive others need to embrace their own crucial second chances.

 "You’ll find Diane’s words to match her life – energetic, hopeful and crammed with vibrancy. She is one of my favorite people – I’m thinking her readers will say the same.” ~ Max Lucado, author
"Her courage in the face of great obstacles has always challenged and encouraged me. But her unwavering faith in the God she serves is probably the greatest lesson of her life. I see in her the walk by faith that is tested and found true." ~Michael W. Smith, musician, actor, author

To author Dr. Diane Dike’s amazement, readers overwhelmingly respond that her newly released autobiography God Made Only One of Me: A Triumphant Journey from Pain to Hope has done just that.

Throughout this deeply personal story, Diane shares how her own miraculous second chance saved her life and reunited her with the God she had turned away from. Her story is replete with painful moments, including childhood ordeals that wounded her very core, her time in a psychiatric ward with its utter despair and depression, her loss of faith, and the destruction of the life she expected to live when she was diagnosed with a rare, incurable, and life-threatening blood disease and her marriage ended in divorce.

She also shares the uplifting story of how, with Christ’s help, she clawed her way out of her depression and found her way back to God – the most amazing and wonder-filled experience of her life. Though her physical challenges remained, she met and married her soul mate Paul, fell in love with her service dog Gracie, and put her special needs education background to work embarking on a life of reaching out to those in need, all the while testifying to the power, joy, and transforming faith she finds in her relationship with God.

Diane concludes, “Whatever your challenge, this book will encourage you, inspire you, and equip you for victory.”

Author: Diane Dike, Ph.D., founder of Second Chance with Saving Grace, Inc., an international nonprofit organization dedicated to providing hope and help to those in need. 

She is the author of The Adventures of Gracie and Diane book series for children and animal lovers of all ages. All proceeds from the sale of The Adventures of Gracie and Diane book series and Gracie merchandise go to support the outreach work of Second Chance with Saving Grace, Inc., whose mission is to encourage individuals of all ages to overcome even the most daunting of life’s challenges with God’s help. 

A gifted teacher, singer, mother and speaker, Diane lives in the Vail Valley of Colorado with her husband Paul, fourteen-year-old service dog Gracie and SIX adopted children.

Day 4 - #Cryoglobulinemia Awareness - 2017

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